What Everyone Ought To Know About Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization means if you have 1 blog post that you wrote about a topic, and the same topic comes up again in another blog post you wrote, Google won’t show both of them in the search results. It will only show the one that it thinks is best.

How do you know which blog post it will choose? Google looks at how many other websites are linking to each blog post. The more links to a blog post, the more popular the post is, and the more likely Google will show it in the search results. So: Write blog posts about different topics, so you can rank for different keywords. Write blog posts that other people will want to link to. If you write a great blog post, other bloggers will want to link to it. Then Google will know how popular your blog post is.

So if you write a post, make sure it’s about a different topic than any other posts you’ve written. That way, you can rank for more keywords. Google doesn’t want people to create a bunch of blog posts that all say the same thing. People would get annoyed. So if you try to trick Google, it will stop showing your blog posts in the search results. The more different blog posts you write, the more keywords you can rank for.

The four steps you should take to solve keyword cannibalization:

1. Find out which pages on your site talk about the same topic.

2. Find out which pages are most successful.

3. Combine the successful pages into one page.

4. Delete the pages that were merged and redirect them to the page that contains all their information.

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