Quick and Easy Fix For Your Page Rank

Businesses are starting to understand the importance of Google tools like the Google PageRank. A high page rank means good news for those in the SEO business, although it’s far from the only factor that can affect a site’s traffic. Many optimized sites have found that they can easily benefit from a boost in Page Rank, perhaps by gaining first page search results that would bring in more traffic than current positions can. Is your site the type to grab the attention of search engines? Here are some tips for the future of link obsession to achieve top search results:

1)Once you have a link from another site, whether it be business or personal, it’s yours. The spiders of the search engines would discover your link from other sites and this is a vote of confidence from another site to yours. Not only is it valuable to have your link displayed on another site, it is also vitally important for the code of your link because the page rank of the other site is one of the elements that Google spiders use to differentiate between the votes of confidence from other sites.

2)Avoid requesting a link from another site. campaigns are not as strictly about link development as they used to be, with search engines regularly tweaking their criteria to determine the value of links and how much they should count towards a site’s ranking. 

3)Wear the right hat for the moment. After a campaign ends there is no going back to the link building again. The search engines see this as a vote of confidence from the website and as such there is more trust for the website from the search engines and more link juice that can be passed on to your own website through the link. Many newbie marketers go off making link spammy just so they can get a backlink from another website and think they will get the traffic from it. But they won’t. The search engines see that as a red flag and a sign that the website is putting forth a link spam campaign on their website toads for votes. So they refund their money and neither do they credit those backlinks at all. Because it is against their linking secrecy agreement!

4)Have a diverse game plan. Search engines have become more and more sophisticated over the years, and they constantly update their algorithms to prevent one form of link building to gain too much momentum. This is why you should mix and match your linking campaigns and search engine marketing campaigns to outperform your competitors. If you are always in sync with the marketing needs of your clients and use non-traditional linking campaigns that bring different types of traffic to your website it doesn’t hurt your client anymore. They can still vote for you back if they feel your links are relevant to their website.

5)At whatever income you are bringing in through your website, double the amount of pay-per-click traffic that your website gets from your paid links. Going after mass amounts of traffic rated at less than 15% is not going to outperform a competitor who has a clear lead due to SEO and optimization.

6)The link that lands on your website is almost as important as the link that brings you the sale. It is so important you should name your website so that it is easily recognizable so it can be found. If you have plenty of sub-links on all your pages you should have the same domain name to increase your value.

7)The call-to-action is what lets you sell your website

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