At Last, The Secret To Brand Awareness Is Revealed

There is a new secret in the marketing world that elite internet marketers call “Branding”. And it should be used by all, regardless of industry or business.

You may have heard the term branding before but if you are in business whereby you know you must cover your bases, branding is a way to know that you’re building your business image for YOURSELF.

If you already have some experience in branding, there will be a mindset shift right now. And it isn’t about endless newest technology or endless upgrades on your website.

It is ABOUT supplying your website design, breakthrough sales funnels or any other phase of your marketing.

What does branding do your website, and your business, go by?

brands your sales process, or makes the visitor immediately identify with you or your business. Instead of a “spammy” background or flashy buttons, it helps you make a connection.

Some things Branding has done for me:

I was talking with my friend over the weekend and she told me of a horrible experience she had with one of the large Internet Companies she joined for advice on setting up her business, making sales, how to have an Internet presence and more.

So my friend and I decided to do some research into this huge company and we had many ideas and questions.

Of course, I was skeptical based on what I saw. I never got involved in a “company,” but because they offer many products, I said, they must be doing something right.

First, they offered to install my shopping cart software, but I was willing to overlook that because I was only running a hobby business.

Next, when I read there was a tonne of products for sale, as opposed to just one, I decided to take the next step of emailing them all and asking what was going on.

Here’s a quick timeline of the timeline I and my friend spent on the support lines for this company:

1. Thousands of email inquiries

2. constituents needing ” dump obviously asked” questions

3. Individual consultants asking questions on review of some of the products.

After a few emails turned into a long email chain, I felt a little satisfied. Bringing up the point for personal branding, I started realizing that branding could go a long way even for growing businesses offline. Especially “brick-and-mortar” companies.

First, there was the branding that came with the initial email from their support desk (that I received as part of my first sale). I then needed to go to their corporate office and request the branding terms for all of the above. Anyway, based on their claims, I quite frankly thought this was ridiculous! I thought this was another example of a fake email.

After they opened up their support application pages, I realized it was pretty much like approaching a “bully-ish” auto-generation company with my idea, so I moved on.

Next: Finally got the brand letters that opened up the doors to the assistance for branding that I needed.

I need to plan going in with branding from the very beginning. Do not wait until you have all the equipment and money committed. By taking the time to put branding at the beginning, you are saving in the long run.

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