How To Lose Money With Google Penalties

Before today, the only real penalty that mattered were site wide links that dropped a lot of PageRank. Sure, those links helped bring people to your site, yes, but they didn’t really do much to help your SERP position.

This is all changing today. Today, site wide links will do more to demote a site than they will to enhance it. This has been apparent in recent Google algorithms expansion – that is the new emphasis put on inbound links, despite the fact that on-page optimization is much more important to the age of a site.

So what does this mean for you?

marketed as a site wide link, the opposite of a doorway page, most of today’s link builders concentrate on the site, rather than the links themselves, because as far as the SE search technologies go, one-way links are the easiest to obtain, and they carry the most weight. This is especially the case when the link is from an authoritative source, because it’s been in place so long ago that it has not been diluted by modern link building efforts.

The best way to build your links is by a smart link building campaign in which you develop a number of one-way links to your website from highly reputable sites.

SEO based link building is a process in which you build links to your websites from other sites across the web. Most of the services available will charge you a monthly fee for each link that you acquire. This is a process in which you are able to build links to the top sites across the web. Professional link building services can be obtained for a one time payment of $500 or a full go around.

Another method is to engage in online form submissions. If you were to rank in the top 15 for one or more keywords, you could receive as many as 100 extra visitors to your website every single day. This is largely because Google and MSN regularly crawl the top directories and are responsible for the results that you receive through your backlinks.

Now that you know the difference between a link and a link exchange, you can clearly understand why the latter is so much better. A link gives your site free access to literally thousands of visitors, if you’re able to find a site with authority to be linked to, even in Google. Whereas you will need to know the actual URL of the site first and then you need to request from the webmaster, although this is tedious and too demanding to do by yourself. A link exchange permits you to exchange links with other sites and build anchor text links that point to your site. The actual process is exchanging links with other sites.

So keep these two seo techniques in mind. Go for quality link exchanges by referencing other quality sites. A high quality site will be open to the public and not keep it a secret. People can go to your site and see what you have to offer without you hiding it from their eyes. The other way of doing it is to find sites with complimentary content and requesting to be a guest writer for them. I really can’t stress how important it is to team up with sites that have complimentary and similar content as yours. The more inbound links pointed at your site, the higher the ranking in the search engine pages.

I hope you enjoyed my seo techniques article. Give me a bell to ring when you need it otherwise I can’t do anything for you.

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