The Secret of Successful Cross-Selling

If you do a little research, you will find that there are lots of companies out there who are in the “search engine marketing game”, and they all have “tried and true” models and systems. But what they certainly do agree on in terms of their own success was finding the “traffic game” and then pummeling that game until it has been reduced to a low defined number.

Why do They Do It?

They have studied the marketplace carefully and based their decisions on the precise data that marketers have been gathering over time. Some sales copy reads like this; Some websites sell 100s of items per day, and I can tell you from very personal experience that you just have to put in the hours just to sell a fraction of a percent of what the top sites do. The top sites sell 50, really ?! So why not price your item at $19.99 and still make the same amount of money? From experience, here’s the answer. You must know your rate of conversion. Your profitability!

Are Your Views on the Rate of Conversion Paid for?

As they say, each business is different. And, as a business owner, it is easy to pay surveys and click on the ads on the top ten sites in Google. After all, you see them and they are there. And you know their rates? So why not take a look and see what happened to the person who sold you the web site to begin with. And, if they have made any such earnings, why not ask for proof.

To make money, they will credit these campaigns to themselves. If you had made the site yourself first, it is a different story. And, when you talk with that person there are significantly more differences than what they have told you.

Why Produce Cross-Sales to Get More Money

You may remember a previous article in this series talking about the Three Pillars of Marketing. The Three Pillars are Branding, Price and Place. We mentioned these three pillars on the main page of this article. In the name of the series, “Finding the Right Internet Marketing” we did mention cross-selling at the end. When you buy your site and you get mailed a special report recommending Cross-Selling, it is considered very good business.

One of the very best places to do cross-selling is in the huge catalogs of discount items that are handed out by the ad agencies all around the country. Why? Because it is very easy to get someone to part with the first item in the ad and think he/she is getting a deal. But, if you are only up high on the second page or your ad is there, but the item is cheap, anyone can get that same item at any price they like and add it to his collection for themselves. BUT, when the item is up on the thirteenth page, the price will be at its most expensive.

What is the Best Time for Cross-Selling?

What year is the best time to do cross-selling? Not too many research studies, not too many marketing guys have cringed at the remark that they publish and lot’s of people have been doing it. The research has been around since the early 2000’s. For sure. In 2005, you could be king of the hill. But no one knows what the future will Static integrating the practice of special discount offer strategy. I think Amazon is the current king of the hill as they have the most sophisticated feature of cross-selling.

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